The proposal

CSG srl is looking for a partner in order to complete the renovation of the historical building and in order to start catering and hotel activities, through real estate investments.
The surface is about 2.300 m2 (more than 500 m2 are composed by the garage) and is subdivided into:

    Ground floor where we can find:
  • hall
  • bar
  • dining rooms
  • kitchen
    Higher levels
  • 24 exclusive rooms (complete with the possibility to expand additional rooms in the dependence)
  • rooms for meetings
  • large multifunctional attic room
    Available Garage: 500 m2

The company, born in order to manage real estate operations, began in the year 2000 to operate. The prestigious Palazzo Fullini- Zaia, which has origins in the XVII century, occupies a prominent position. The building is actually designated to renovation. A large illustration of the renovating historical hotel is given by this site.
The Fullini-Zaia Palace represents one of the most innovative ideas for an historical hotel.
The hotel in a historical building in Polcenigo.
The hotel is located in one of the most prestigious historical buildings in Friuli Venezia-Giulia.
Promoting and investing in historical buildings are keywords for CSG.


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